Launching a new product or service in a market is hard work; especially when what you’ve created is a little slow to catch on. Failure to reach a critical mass of users will be detrimental to any company’s growth plans. Our lead generation service can help your company, large or small, scale its sales department and drive activity through these crucial opening stages.

What we offer is not a typical lead generation service. Instead, we conduct a custom implementation for every new customer to ensure that we’re not only the right fit, but that we can meet our own stringent quality assurance requirements. We service  companies to help them meet the demands of their Boards and growth projections.

Depending on your needs and market type, we’ll craft a tailored lead generation process using the latest tools and techniques. AVA, as we call them, undergo a formal lead generation training course we’ve created that covers sales psychology and works to minimize accents when working with American customers.

Much of our work occurs alongside existing sales departments while helping them to optimize their funnel process. At the end of the day, however, it comes down to the bottom line. We do a great job of increasing the efficiency of existing SDR’s (sales development representatives) by giving them more time to build relationships with the leads that we supply.

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