Premium Quality Dialer Termination SIP Trunk Service. AVACommunication specializes in high CPS short duration call dialer termination since 2009.  Call Centers,  Robo Dialer,  voice broadcasting  are all supported on our network. AVACommunication operates multiple switch locations across Canada and the United States, leveraging its footprint and interconnects with some of the largest Tier 1 telcos in the industry. This enables load balancing across multiple paths to any destination providing its call center clients CPS capacity in the 1000s and virtually unlimited channels on its dialer termination SIP trunk.
 Country                                                                                      Rates
 USA (All Destination) $0.0047
Canada (All Destination) $0.0026
 Australia (Mobile) $0.0056
Australia (Land line) $0.0078
 Singapore & Malaysia

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