About our company

AVA is a globally recognized VoIP service and solutions provider. It helps organizations to implement end-to-end IP Based solutions on varied technology platforms. Established in 2010, we have over the years been recognized as a Class ‘A’ VoIP Service Provider, providing end-to-end IP based solutions on diverse technology platforms.

Today AVACommunication has an impressive list of over 800 corporate clients spread across the world.It’s been a constant endeavor of AVACommunication to bring the latest technology to the market so as to offer its customers upcoming and innovative services and solutions in the telecom domain.

Why choose AVACommunication?

Timely communication is a challenge for all businesses – whether small or large. With our VoIP solutions, this is a challenge we can help to resolve. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, contemporary features and competitive prices, at AVACommunication we will help businesses find easy solutions to customer communications.

How our hosted VOIP Solutions work

Advanced technology, 24×7 customer support & robust infrastructure – this is what makes IP Momentum the best when it comes to IP Phone Service Providers.

AVACommunication-Making waves in Retail,wholesale,Residential and Business VoIP

At AVACommunication, we believe that in order to deliver the best VoIP services to our clients, we have to integrate technology and infrastructure. Over the years we have adapted and internalized the best practices in VoIP and can successfully deliver the best of VoIP solutions through cutting-edge technology and advancement in infrastructure.

  • Dedicated high-end servers maintained with Mirrored hard disks with suitable RAID configurations for protecting and securing sensitive data
  • Back up satellite connection in case of primary link failure
  • Back-up domain controller to keep the network up and running
  • Firewalls, Antivirus, Antiworms, which are continuously updated for comprehensive security.
  • High end VoIP servers hosted in UK, USA & Australia
  • 24- hour power backup facility