AVACommunication  provide A2Z (whole world) termination both resellers and wholesale,  direct routes for carriers, VoIP service providers, callshop operators, call centers and Internet Cafes,Companies…..etc Our wholesale A2Z is feature packed to enable our customers to maximize their profits while keeping their costs down.Our A2Z termination service will deliver your calls to wherever you are calling (yes, we cover the whole planet).Just connect with us,you’ll be connected with whole world.

AVACommunication offers enduring, lucrative and leveraging Wholesale VoIP solution. That solution features vigorously billing, excellence quality and adaptable routing. Because all solution components are developed by AVACommunication, assimilation issues are eradicated, allowing providers to quickly start and/or expand their Wholesale VoIP business while have profit from enjoying high return on investment. AVACommunication one of the best growing up carriers of international voice traffic. Our comprehensive product portfolio, proven IP-based infrastructure, and advanced back-office systems help Fixed Carriers, Mobile Operators, Prepaid Calling Providers and Voice over Broadband Providers deliver the international voice service and quality their customers expect.


  • Highly competitive price and quality offering
  • Dedicated Relationship, Settlements , Technical and Support teams
  • Interconnection via TDM or IP
  • We are increasing to connect PoP (Point of Presence) across Europe, USA and Asia for Interconnection.
  • Adequate testing and monitoring by our technical teams
  • 24×7 NOC

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